Finance options

When you’ve found the recreational vehicle of your dreams, GE Money financing can bring those dreams to life.

Bayswater Jayco work with  Money Now to offer you the most flexible RV finance options available you’ll discover just how easy and affordable financing an RV can be. Money Now will take the hassle out of the RV loan application experience. In Most cases they can tailor affordable monthly payments that fit your budget.

Whether you’re purchasing a Caravan or Camper, financing an RV through Bayswater Jayco in today’s market means you can get a great price and a low RV loan rate for years of vacation savings. Financing an RV is often a better option than paying cash, as you can invest your savings elsewhere.

Whether you’re just starting to research recreational vehicle loan rates or ready to embark on your journey today, Bayswater Jayco will be happy to explain your RV finance options.

To learn more about financing an RV through Bayswater Jayco, call 03 9761 5000


Let us help you to arrange your caravan insurance on the day you pick up your new Caravan Bayswater Jayco is a referrer for CIL Insurance.

With 50 years experience, CIL Insurance is Australia’s Leading specialist Caravan and RV insurer offering the broadest Caravan, RV and contents cover. CIL will cover you for loss or damage caused by:Accidental damage, Fire, Theft, Attempted Theft, Storm, Flood, Malicious Damage, Hail or Accident .

If you would like an Insurance quote before pick up please contact CIL using Bayswater Jayco’s Referrer Number 2395 on 1800 112481.